The Secret To Beautiful Asian Eyes - Double Eyelid Surgery

“Your Eyes Are The Window To Your Soul” 


Since you are reading this, you probably secretly wish you have double eyelids, right?

Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. Double eyelids have long been THE MOST highly desired features for Asians for many going through great effort just to accomplish this.

before and after double eyelid surgery

What makes us desire these features? There really is no magic answer – Our personalities and attitudes are expressed through our eyes.

Having a double eyelid creates the illusion of bigger brighter eyes, making a person seem more approachable and friendly. Not to mention, having double eyelids make it so much easier to apply makeup on as well.

Great, so we aren’t the lucky ones but what can we do?

common double eyelid tapes

I’m sure most of you would have heard or probably are using Double Eyelid Tapes/Glues.

Yes, they have long been the holy grail for girls in Asia. They are basically clear medical tapes used to create a temporary “double eyelid”.

Here is just one example, but there are heaps of different types out there.


Warning, it isn’t pretty!

The name says it all. They basically stick to your eyes to create an illusion of a double eyelid crease. But as everyone knows, anything that goes on, needs to come off and how do you remove those pesky things? Well, you can figure that out. 

Ok, now let’s get to the point. What’s so dangerous about it ?

  1. The constant peeling of these tapes from your eyelids WILL RESULT IN SAGGINESS. YES, sagginess. Do you really want to look 10 years older?

  2. Secondly, you NEVER KNOW WHAT’S INSIDE. If you have sensitive skin, well I’m terribly sorry if you get red and irritated skin.

  3. Thirdly, how much time do you have in a day? STOP  WASTING PRECIOUS TIME applying these tapes then spend more time hiding them so no one can see it? Isn’t it tiring, wouldn’t you love having more time to spend with friends and family?


An absent upper eyelid is common among Asian eyes that so many people have opted to have double eyelid surgery done. This is a procedure designed to produce a crease in the upper eyelid permanently.

WAIT SURGERY!! Did you say surgery!

Yes, Yes I did. Now before jumping to conclusions, why not spend a little more time understanding what is really involved in a double eyelid surgery before making a decision if it’s the right thing for you.


More about double eyelid surgery, the secret to instantly beautiful eyes


Q: What is Aesthetic Eyelid Surgery?

A: Aesthetic eyelid or eye plastic surgery is a form of cosmetic surgery that enhances the look of the area around the eye by removing the excess skin and fat.

The modern Asian double eyelid surgery focuses on the creation of natural looking double eyelids suited for the Asian face. Skin excision is done conservatively, the upper eyelid fold made crisp and well defined and the precious upper eyelid fat preserved as appropriate. This gives a natural upper eyelid crease, with no signs that surgery was performed on the upper eyelids. A well-performed double eyelid procedure will focus the attention of the observer to the eyes, bringing the sparkle back to the eyes.  

Q: Why Asian Eyelids?

A: Did you know, approximately 50 percent of all Asians are born with the single eyelids?

Asians have different facial features from Caucasians, having the right surgeon that understands Asian eyes is very important. There is a completely different way of performing aesthetic eyelid surgery on Asians as compared to Caucasians.

Q: What happens during the aesthetic double eyelid procedure?

A: The procedure is relatively straightforward. It involves removing a small amount of excessive skin or even some tissue under the skin, and if required, a small amount of fat pads.  Then, the incision line is hidden in the newly created eyelid crease.

The challenges are in the technical demands and details when designing the double eyelid crease to ensure after surgery the incision would heal in a permanent and natural fashion.

Some patients also have a prominent fold over the inner corner of the eyes which needs to be removed to create the appearance of bigger eyes.

Q: Do I need to stay or be admitted into hospital?

A: No, most of our patients have this procedure performed on an outpatient basis (same day surgery) where you return home after the procedure.

Q: Will It Hurt?

A: During the procedure, most patients are sedated and very comfortable. The greatest discomfort is usually associated with the first application of numbing medication, after which most patients feel only gentle tugging and occasional pressure. After the procedure, most of the discomfort is mild and gone within a few hours.

Q: What is the recovery time for a double eyelid surgery?

A: The recovery time varies with the amount of surgery one needs, and each individual is unique. For most patients, the initial obvious swelling and bruising can take 1-2 weeks to resolve, allowing them to be “presentable” to their peers. Sutures if any, come out after 1 week. Initially, the crease will look slightly higher than expected but then, over a one to two months, it will achieve an ideal level and shape. 

The answer to permanent double eyelid - Double eyelid surgery

Don’t Be Confused

I’m often asked if it’s worth it? Well, why not?


From what I have witnessed, once you go for it, you’ll never regret it. Not to mention, all the confidence you would have gained. You will have people turning heads in no time.

I know people say it is plastic surgery and are afraid of what people think but to be honest, if you think about it, braces are probably the most common cosmetic procedure done to date but no one judges them, so why should they judge you?

  • My Eyes Are Letting Me Down

    I want to have an Asian blepharoplasty because although I technically have double eyelids, the creases are small and vary in height from day to day. My wish is to have permanent double eyelids so that I don't have to worry about waking up with different-sized eyes each morning. After my double eyelid surgery, I was told I  had a sparkle in my eye, and I looked approachable and friendly 

    Ms Lim

Our eyes are very important to us.

An oculoplastic surgeon’s primary focus is the health and safety of your eyes, but they also have unique skills as a plastic surgeon to safely treat your eye area.

I will be happy to meet with you for a private consultation. At this visit, I will be able to give you a clearer idea of what results you might expect, based on your unique condition and specific needs.

You will also be able to look at photographs of some of our previous patients, review and ask any questions you may have about this procedure.

Just call our office (You can also fill out the form or book an appointment on the Contact Us page) and tell us that you want “Dr Vanessa’s Asian Eyelid Surgery”. Make an appointment to get a consultation and speak to me yourself. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Hospital charges are RM1750-1800 per side for a double eyelid surgery.

Book your appointment here.

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