Cataract Surgery Story

Patient Personal Story:

Life is ironic.  

At age 11, I got my first pair of glasses and my world was so bright, I was so glad I was able to see clearly.

At age 71, I too, saw a new bright world, but this time without my glasses after my cataract surgery.

I’ve been through all types of glasses, from the heavy, thick, bulky ones designed in the 50s’ to the lightweight carbon fiber glasses that somehow always felt like I wasn’t wearing them and left me wondering at times where I put my glasses.

Regardless of weight and design, glasses have been my lifeline to the world. Without them, my life would be disorientated.

How I Ended Up Considering Cataract Surgery

Before I sat down with Dr. Vanessa, even with glasses on, I had a slight blur in both eyes and at night, I would see this halo and get glare in my eyes when driving. At times I’d have to squint my eyes or look away for a few seconds to allow my eyes to readjust. My family was worried about me and constantly told me not to drive at night.

It was hard; I was very independent and never liked being told what to do. I loved being able to drive out at night to go to my favourite mamak restaurant or hawker centre to grab a bite for dinner, I wasn’t going to stop driving just because I couldn’t see very well at night.

However, one day I almost got into an accident. An oncoming car with bright headlights blinded me for a few seconds, and at that moment, a young boy had run across the road. Luckily, my wife was sitting beside me in the car, she yelled for me to stop, and I did, just inches away from this little boy.

Who knew? You’d never expect things like this to happen but it does!

That incident changed my perspective on how my eyesight was affecting me and I decided to seek help.

I’ve heard lots of stories about cataract surgery over the years but I never knew there were so many options until I met Dr. Vanessa and discussed the different lenses I could have transplanted.  After my consultation with her, I decided to go ahead with the surgery the following week.

The day after my cataract surgery

My new multifocal lenses were inserted into my right eye first by Dr. Vanessa. For the first time in years, I could see street signs, my nephew’s faces clearly without glasses!  It was a little odd initially; I’d constantly find myself closing one eye and testing out the difference in my vision.

It was 4 weeks later before my left eye would receive the same clarity. The world in front of me became so bright and clear.

Personal Thoughts

There was one post-surgery drawback. For me, glasses had become part of my personality, my identity. Without them, I almost didn’t recognize this old man in the mirror. I felt naked. It might seem strange that I prefer glasses to the freedom without them, but eventually, after a couple of weeks, I adjusted to this new me.

Cataract surgery certainly opened a new world of clarity and brightness. I would encourage anyone my age that is contemplating cataract surgery to strongly consider it. From my experience, it is relatively quick and easy with limited risks.  The risks of not having my cataracts proved to be far more detrimental to my safety and the safety of others around me.

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