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Getting Older Really Isn’t A Problem, Well.. Until You Start Noticing Heaviness Around The Eye Area


“If you speak with someone, you usually look at their eyes – not their nose, or mouth so if your upper eyelids look saggy, that can make you look tired, old and not engaging” says Dr Vanessa


Droopy eyelids are a major reason why some people consider eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) to remove and tighten excess eyelid skin for a more alert, youthful appearance.

As we age, our upper eyelids tend to droop due to loss of collagen and skin elasticity.

Dr Vanessa Neoh Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty (Also Known As EyeLift) Surgery Before & After

Look Younger 

Excess or poorly positioned skin and fat in the upper lid and surrounding periorbital area combine to give the impression of inelastic, ageing skin. Eyelift procedures (sometimes called “upper eyelid blepharoplasty” can help to reverse the appearance of ageing, by removing excess skin from the upper eyelid. Fat and small amounts of muscle are also removed in some cases. Lid crease (double eyelid) is then formed to make the eyes appear more attractive and prominent. You will look more radiant than ever!

A similar approach is also used for “droopy eyes”. An eyelift can elevate an upper eyelid margin slightly if the heaviness of the excessive skin actually is “weighing down” the upper eyelid, causing it to droop. Hence, after surgery, the eyes can appear bigger and brighter. 

Remember, an eyelift should not be confused with upper eyelid ptosis surgery, which is a procedure to raise the position of the upper eyelid margin by tightening the muscle and tendon that normally elevate it.

Sometimes, your doctor may recommend a brow lift instead. If the eyebrows are in a good position, then it is possible to perform an eye lift to remove the excess skin.  However, If the eyebrows are particularly low, a brow lift is the better idea. Read more about brow lifts here.


  • I've Always Had Heavy Eyelids, It Only Got Worse...

    I have always had heavy eyelids, and now ever since my 40th Birthday, they are wrinkled and droopy.

    My right lays heavy on my eye and eyelashes to the point that I often hold it up with my fingers for comfort. Botox in my forehead exasperated this, especially on my right side. My initial consult with Dr Vanessa was comforting, she is warm, friendly and very informative upfront, with possible complications. I have been waiting for 6 years and I'm really excited to have finally gotten rid of this problem. I look so much better and refreshed!

    Mrs Anita
More about eye lifts, the secret to instantly looking younger

Q: Who are the best candidates for eyelift surgery?

A: You can consider a blepharoplasty if you have excessive drooping and sagging of skin around eyes, which often is due to normal aging. Sometimes, this saggy skin can be exaggerated when you have other conditions like puffy eyes caused by allergies.

If you are interested in blepharoplasty strictly for cosmetic reasons, Dr Vanessa will advise you on what you can realistically expect during the procedure.


Q: How long will this surgery last?

A: While cosmetic procedures can sometimes dramatically improve appearance, they are not the ultimate solution for youth. The aging process in an ongoing fact of life, and — as with any cosmetic procedure — your improved appearance due to an eye lift will not last indefinitely. However, depending on your health and other factors, a blepharoplasty can last as long as 10 years.


Q: Do I need to stay or be admitted into hospital?

A: No, most of our patients have this procedure performed on an outpatient basis (same day surgery) where you return home after the procedure.


Q: Will It Hurt?

A: During the procedure, most patients are sedated and very comfortable. The greatest discomfort is usually associated with the first application of numbing medication, after which most patients feel only gentle tugging and occasional pressure. After the procedure, most of the discomfort is mild and gone within a few hours.


Q: How about recovery?

A: Recovery is (usually) quick. For an upper eye lift, the bruising and swelling tend to be minimal. Some people experience more swelling and bruising than others, but that typically goes down after 1-2 weeks.

The sutures come out after 1 week, and after that, you can apply makeup and not tell anything was done.

During that first 24 hours, you’ll likely have to ice your eyes regularly to keep the swelling down. You may also have to apply drops or topical lubricants for a few days, or take antibiotics to prevent infection. 

Our eyes are very important to us.

An oculoplastic surgeon’s primary focus is the health and safety of your eyes, but they also have unique skills as a plastic surgeon to safely treat your eye area.

I will be happy to meet with you for a private consultation. At this visit, I will be able to give you a clearer idea of what results you might expect, based on your unique condition and specific needs. You will also be able to look at photographs of some of our previous patients, review and ask any questions you may have about this procedure. 

You will also be able to look at photographs of some of our previous patients, review and ask any questions you may have about this procedure.

Just call our office (You can also fill out the form or book an appointment on the Contact Us page) and tell us that you want “Dr Vanessa’s Eyelift Surgery”. Make an appointment to get a consultation and speak to me yourself. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Hospital charges are RM1900-1950 per side for an eye lift.

Book your appointment here.

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